There used to be a story about a Native American chief and his son, Red Fox. They communicated by drum. “Where is Red Fox,” the father would drum. “Here I am,” the boy would drum back. The story has faded from my mind, but not my love of little red foxes (Vulpes vulpes). They’ve spread throughout much of the northern hemisphere, and are now in Australia. Foxes been portrayed as shy, sly, and deceitful in tales that have survived centuries. They are, however, just foxes. They are adaptable, usually nocturnal hunters that will eat almost anything to survive (small rodents are a favorite). They stalk prey the way cats do. While their main predator these days is man, red foxes still thrive. And they have begun to live closer to humans. It’s possible that the urban fox might evolve into a different creature than its wild counterpart. Where is Red Fox? Seemingly everywhere.

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