Abbey Gaterud, the interim publisher at Ooligan Press, interrupted my regularly scheduled life yesterday to announce:


When I arrived at Ooligan HQ, folks were in a total frenzy! OK, not really. Everyone was sort of sitting around, getting the business done. A large box labeled RUTH FELDMAN occupied one chair. The box looked bored.

BT at Ooligan

Eliza, Stefani, Lucy, and Abbey (l. to r.) celebrate the newest arrival at Ooligan Press.

But when I entered the office, there were hugs all around—except from the box. Abbey, pictured here on the right, later smiled for the camera. Eliza Lane, Stefani Varney, and Lucy Softich—left to right—got wild for me. Aren’t the red eyes a nice touch? They match Lucy’s hair and reflect the time-travel mysterious side of Blue Thread. Stefani is now the lead project manager for Blue Thread. Lucy and Eliza are recent grads and run Whirlabout New Media, which helps authors with social media.

Once the festivities and the “what next” meeting were over, I loaded copies of the new book (they smell so great!) in my travel cart. I left the box to a useful next life.

Blue Thread should be available soon from your local bookstores (support them!) and from Amazon. If you’re in the area, stop by the Oregon Jewish Museum on January 18 from 5:30 to 7:30 for the opening reception of The Dawn of Tomorrow: Oregon Jews and Woman Suffrage. Blue Thread will be available at the museum, too.

Did I mention that the books are in?

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