History is all about links. So is the Internet. This blog post offers you both. But first, if you live around Portland, Oregon, here’s an opportunity to visit with women authors and artists, to celebrate Women’s History Month.

March 1, 2012: Meet and Greet

The First Thursday evening of every month is a Big Deal in Portland’s Pearl District. Join me with other Portland authors and artists as we celebrate Women’s History Month. We’ll be featured at Albina Community Bank’s First Thursday reception, from 6 pm to 9 pm at 430 NW 10th Ave. You’ll have a chance to meet and greet me, of course, plus authors Carmen Bernier-Grand, Pamela Smith Hill, Barbara Kerley, Michelle McCann, and Elizabeth Rusch. Artists Addie Boswell and Sine Morse will display vibrant oil paintings and paper designs inspired by children and by Portland. Their work, as well as Blue Thread, will be available for sale for the month of March.

KidLit Mega Blog

The second annual, not-to-be-missed kidlit celebration of Women’s History Month runs throughout March, courtesy of two well-known reviewers in the world of literature for children and young adults, Margo Tanenbaum (The Fourth Musketeer) and Lisa Taylor (Shelf-Employed). Last year’s edition provided thirty-one great posts for over 20,000 blog readers during the month. This is not to be missed.

National Women’s History Project

Visit the National Women’s History Project for more resources. The particular theme for this year is Women’s Education — Women’s Empowerment.

Don’t  forget the Library of Congress, that old reliable source.Go to your nearest library, bookstore, or computer keyboard for information and inspiration that links us all together. And please remember that the celebration of women is an inclusive, not exclusive, activity. Men can be great human beings as well.


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