The cover of Blue Thread features a bow that Miriam Josefsohn might have worn in the 1912 campaign to give women in Oregon the same voting rights as Oregon men. Eliza Lane made that bow, which, as she shows us, is a cinch to make. Take it away, Eliza.

Tools and materials:
button with a pin back
scrap of fabric
permanent marker
needle and thread
24″ of ribbon
6″ piece of thin wire (such as from a twist tie)
safety pin

To make the VOTE button, cover pre-made pin with fabric. Cut a circle from fabric about 3/4″ larger in diameter than the button you want to cover. Write a message in permanent ink. (Note the Mockingjay button Eliza used for this project.)

Use a needle and thread to make running stitches around the edge of the fabric, slip the pin inside and pull to tighten. Tie a knot.



Now you are ready to make your bow.

Cut a piece of ribbon 24″ long. This ribbon is 1 1/2″ wide. The bow looks fancier if you use satin ribbon that is shiny on both sides, but any ribbon will do.

Make your first loop with the ribbon making a long tail in front.

Bring the long part of the ribbon up from behind while keeping a hold on your first loop.

Bring the ribbon down to make a second loop and then back up behind. The ends of the ribbon will face in different directions.

 Pinch the center to make a nice crease and wrap with wire.

Gently pull the loops (two on each side) and the ribbon ends apart. Cut the ribbon ends in a V shape by folding the ribbon end in half and cutting at an angle.

Cut the ends of the wire short. You can use a safety pin to attach the finished ribbon to your shirt or coat.

Pin the VOTE button to the middle of the bow.
Wear proudly.
Encourage every woman you know to exercise her hard-earned right to vote!

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