Dear Readers,

About this time last year, when Blue Thread was nearing publication and this blog was only a few months old, I made a commitment to donate a tenth of my writer’s income for 2012 to organizations that “help girls and women attain education, health, citizenship rights, housing, and the opportunity for a self-supporting livelihood.” I listed several of them on the Pursing Justice page. One of these organizations is Micah House, which I highlighted last March.

I had an opportunity to travel East this past fall and to meet some of the amazing women who have used their stay at Micah House to turn their lives around. After that, the decision was easy. Micah House became gets my 2012 tithe.

Which organization will get my tithe for 2013 income? That’s up to you. Cast your vote for one an organization on the Pursuing Justice page, or tell me about one of your favorites. Speak up! I’m listening.

Thank you for helping me to help Micah House. Happy 2013!


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