Seven writers whose books are finalists for the 2013 Oregon Book Awards will be reading tonight at Literary Arts. I’ll be there with Blue Thread, along with authors Kerry Cohen (Dirty Little Secrets: Breaking the Silence on Teenage Girls and Promiscuity andĀ Seeing Ezra), Carter Sickels (The Evening Hour), Aria Minu-Sephr (We Heard the Heavens Then), Alexis Smith (Glaciers), Tony Hanner (Gertrude: Poems and Other Objects), and Ismet Prcic (Shards). The event begins at 7pm and takes place at:
Literary Arts
925 Southwest Washington Street
Portland,OR 97205

There will be food. And music. And fun. We’re gearing up for the Oregon Book Awards on April 8th. Soon.

Oh, and you were wondering about the mom and baby aardvarks? I just felt like it. They are so cute!

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