It’s been over a century (101 years to be exact) since Miriam Josefsohn of Blue Thread fame attended her last class at St. Mary’s Academy in Portland. A lot has changed at the school since then, especially the extra-curricular activities. I’m sure that Miriam would have liked to join the Politics without Borders Club, and the SciFi/Fantasy Club, and the Human Rights Club. I suppose if her friend Florrie Steinbacher were still enrolled with her, the two might have considered SMA Cruisers. Here’s a photo of the 2011 team. Can you imagine them racing along the Willamette River in dragon boats?

In 1912, dragon boats were as unheard of as an SMA activity as the Harry Potter Club. But humans have been racing long-boat canoes for at least 2,000 years. Dragon boat racing gained international attention in the 1970s, and may one day have a place of its own at the Olympics. If you want to follow the sport, check out the International Dragon Boat Federation and its June 1, 2013, Paddle for the Planet. Portland held races in June, too, as part of the Rose Festival. Surely Miriam and Florrie would have gone to the Rose Festival back in 1912. Would they have wanted to race in dragon boats? I wonder.

    • Ruth says:

      Florrie? My Florrie Steinbacher? Hmmmmm….. Well, I suppose it doesn’t hurt to approve this comment. You’re quite a character.

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