FS-crop1Thank you for listening to my ramblings about my dear Miriam Josefsohn from the moment she stepped off the train in Oakland in 1912 until the day she died just weeks before Little Mim was born. The strength of our friendship gave me the power and determination to stay in your world all this past summer.

Frankly, I can’t stand the thought of leaving you just like that—poof!—and I’m gone. I’ll be on Twitter for now (@florrie_st). A real person named Kate Burkett has compiled my ramblings into what she calls an e-book, which you can have for free. Ruth will tell you how to get it.

Ruth has gone on to other imaginings. Leona and Gabriel tell me that Ruth’s next book, The Ninth Day, picks up the story of Little Mim in 1964, when she’s sixteen. Leona Nash is Little Mim’s best friend. I hope that Leona will have the kind of closeness with Little Mim that I had, and always will have, with Little Mim’s grandmother.

And then there’s Gabriel. Gabriel Altman. Oh, my. You know me—. I always did have a soft spot for young men. I am particularly delighted to discover that Gabriel and I have several of Ruth’s synapses in common. As I hear it, Gabriel probably saved Little Mim’s life, but that’s for Little Mim to tell you, not me.

Au revoir,




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