Master Interlacer: Einstein

While Florrie Steinbacher has been posting away on my blog, I’ve combined bluethreadbook.com with ruthtenzerfeldman.com to bring you my “new and improved” Web site. From now on, you and I will have one main place to connect and converse. Thanks, Florrie!

I’ve been reading Heretic’s Heart, —Margot Adler‘s memoir of the 1950s through the early 1970s. How I wish I had gone to Margot’s elementary school in Greenwich Village! Here’s how she describes the place:

“City and Country took as an axiom an idea that has been echoed by a host of philosophers and writers from Marx to Muir to Einstein —that when you try to pick out something by itself, you find it connected to everything in the universe.”

Precisely. It’s that sense of connection that compelled me to write Blue Thread and The Ninth Day, and that inspires me to tackle my latest writing projects. Everything in my real and imaginary world is interlaced, delicately and intricately intertwined. From time to time, I’ll post a snippet from this interlacing. I hope you enjoy my connections and forge some of your own.

So much for my philosophy. Now I’ve got to combine ten Keynote slides, two tie-dye outfits, and several hundred words from The Ninth Day into a single presentation at Wordstock on Saturday, Oct. 5th @ 11 a.m. Francesca Lia Block will be on stage with me then, too, to read from her latest book. It’ll be a hoot. I hope to see you there.



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