waldo-at-sea copyThe next stop for Blue Thread, The Ninth Day, and me is the Lincoln County Historical Society in Newport, Oregon. On Saturday, October 19th, at 2 p.m., we’ll schmooze about the upsides and the perils of historical fiction. Am I playing fair when I try to confuse you about what’s real and what isn’t? Why do I bother to create a world that partially existed? Why not make it up completely? Or stick entirely to the facts? What’s the difference between fact and truth?

cr-octopusThe forecast is for a sunny day, so I wish that the Lincoln County Historical Society might switch this event to the front lawn of the Carriage House rather than inside. While in Newport, I expect to explore the Hatfield Marine Science Center and meet this giant octopus—oh yes! And I’ll definitely hang out at the beach. Where’s Ruth? Dipping her toes in the Pacific.

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