snowed-J2-cropSnow. In Old Norse, snjor. In modern Dutch sneeuw. This winter, even in downtown Portland, those lovely crystals fall from the sky. What happens when they hit the ground, depending on your circumstances, is another story. For the construction crews at Janey II, snow meant several days off. My phone’s emergency management alert link…I didn’t know I had one!….urged me to stay indoors, away from wind and ice. I was to be officially “snowed in.”

As I watched the white from the warm side of the window, I plowed through an avalanche of self-assignments and administrivia that was threatening to make me feel snowed under. To top it all, I’d volunteered to be a stop on a blog tour for theĀ  Sydney Taylor Book Awards. That meant reading The Boy on the Wooden Box and organizing an interview. Talk about flaky. What was I thinking?

Then I started reading the book. I must say that I was utterly snowed by this low-key, simply-written memoir by one of the youngest children that Oskar Schindler saved from extermination during World War II. “Snowed by” in the good sense. I gave myself a snow day, and I entered the world of Leon Leyson, that boy on the box. I interviewed two women who helped with Leon’s memoir. I ignored everything else on the To Do list.

The blog tour starts today. My post appears this Wednesday, February 19th, come rain…or snow…or come shine. Stop back then.

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