Door-crop2A heavy chain-link fence nearly surrounds the concrete and metal structures that will eventually be the Janey II apartments. It’s the “nearly” part that intrigues me. One small section of the site is sealed off by a wooden wall and a padlocked wood-filled door.

Wood. My favorite. It’s the timeless material that fits in a prehistorical tale about velociraptors and can still make a fashion statement the Portland 2059 world of Book Three.

The first draft of Book Three mentions an “eco-fiber Fem-Form” that covers the body of my main character.  She’s basically dressed in wood. Or, to be more exact, cellulose. My imaginings? No way.

Leave it to the Finns, who have as close a relationship with forests and lumber as Oregonians do, to be working on a cost-effective way to turn wood into threads for the garment industry. According to Finland’s VTT Technical Research Centre, fiber from wood-based biomass is an eco-alternative to water-intensive cotton and petroleum-based polyester fabrics. Less land under cultivation for cotton equals more land for food production to feed the 9 billion or so people projected to inhabit planet Earth in 20159. But that’s another story.

Now that you know about the eco-fiber part, what would your Fem-Form of the future look like? Let me know. I’m casting about for ideas. Yours could wind up in my book.

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