janeys-interface-2In case I haven’t mentioned it before, the Janey II building is under construction right next door to the original Janey apartment building. As you can see from this picture, there’s all-done Janey on one side and work-in-progress Janey on the other. Will they be identical? Probably not. I figure the blueprints are very similar, but the builders learned a bunch from constructing the first apartment building, and they’ll use that knowledge in building the second.

That’s how I feel about my companion novels. Book Two aka The Ninth Day is similar to Book One aka Blue Thread. Both have similar blueprints. Time-traveling Serakh appears and intertwines two teenage girls living centuries apart. Book Three aka Book Three shares in that blueprint, although one time period is in the past and the other is yet to be. What I learned in writing Book One went into writing Book Two. What I learned from them both is going into Book Three.

Identity. It’s a strange word. Coming from the Latin idem meaning “the same,” identity has come to mean also the very opposite. “Identical” equates to the sharing of so many characteristics that one individual is mistaken for another, as in identical twins. But think “identity theft” and positive identification through forensic evidence, and you’re looking at characteristics that make an individual unique.

Each of these three stories has elements of sameness and elements of individuality. The stories can be read in any order and still make sense. The stories can stand alone or as a duet or trio. Each is a variation of the other. That’s the way I’ve enjoying writing them. That’s the way I hope you will enjoy reading them.

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