1-15-15-JaneyII-cropHere we are in 2015. The sign for the Janey II apartments still boasts the official opening in Spring. Look at all the windows they’ve put in! The place is really shaping up, at least on the outside.

So, what’s happening with Book Three? A lot. I wrote like crazy in December, which is why this blog has been comatose for weeks and weeks. The first very rough draft is done. DONE! Now I rest my Book Three brain and get some distance from the manuscript, all the better to revise it later.

The best news is that while I’m taking a vacation from Book Three a bevy of bright and creative graduate students at Portland State University is not. Per Henningsgaard, the Director of Ooligan Press, will be using Book Three as the literary guinea pig for his class aptly titled Book Editing.

What a delight! Let’s do the math. Supposing Per has 15 students in his class. Each student looks at the 69,000 words that make up the 45 chapters of Book Three and decides to suggest revisions to two scenes in each chapter. Each student also comes up with ten larger suggestions that involve the narrative structure and character development of the book. Stay with me here. It’s time to multiply. Assuming that none of the students duplicates comments/edits, then we have 15 students times two scenes times 45 chapters plus ten developmental edits.  That’s 150 developmental edits plus 1,350 smaller edits (15 x 2 x 45).

Add to this a critique by my writing group, the Viva Scrivas. Assuming the same number of developmental edits and smaller edits from each of, say, five members and that brings the total to 200 developmental edits and 1,800 smaller edits. We’re talking two thousand changes/comments/suggestions before I even lay my own revising eyes on the opening paragraph.

Of course these statistics are as reliable as rain in the Mojave. Some folks will have the same comments, which would be great. I am definitely giving those comments extra weight and my undivided attention. Some folks might have way more than my assumed count, and others less. Still, it makes me happy to know that Book Three will spend the next bunch of weeks with its own designated construction/deconstruction crew.

At this point the Janey II has a definite inside and outside. Book Three has a definite beginning, middle, and end. Building and book are neck and neck. Wish me luck.





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