j2-inspiration-022015-cropBrick by brick, etc., etc. Does anyone out there remember the old expression, “Rome wasn’t built in a day”? Here’s an aside for the curious: According to the Web, the expression is a translation of a 12th century remark (in Medieval French) by a cleric in the court of Phillippe of Alsace, Rome ne s’est pas faite en un jour.

So, Rome took a long time. The Janey II is still getting built likely years after an architect first conceived of its existence, and Book Three is…chugging along. We’re not stagnating here, folks, although sometimes the process seems way too slow. I have the luxury of not being bound to deadlines (unlike some in my Viva Scriva coven). This means I can take my time trying to polish every chapter and every scene.

I’m in the feedback stage on Book Three. The Book Editing class at PSU has reviewed the first draft. The Scrivas will be giving me their comments in April. And I’ve had enough distance from the draft to look at it again with an editor’s eye.

Experience tells me that I’ll find lots of things in the story which need improving, lots of phrases that feel wrong and scenes that fall flat. Hey, that’s why they call it a first draft, right? That doesn’t bother me. But…full confession time…this is the time when I mix the practicalities of butt-in-chair hard work with incantations to the universe for fresh inspiration. Come to me, muses! Kiss my synapses with your creative spark! Please, oh, please, oh, please………..

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