It’s already June (how did that happen?). The construction crew is finishing up their work on the Janey II, which is supposed to have an official opening in “Spring 2015.” They are not going to meet their deadline.

Neither am I.

I am proud to say that I did put together a complete first draft in time for students at Portland State University to review a few months back. As I worked through those excellent comments (thanks, guys), I gave the draft to Viva Scriva to do their critique group thing. More comments. More ideas. That’s when I realized I wanted to add one particular scene, just a few hundred words, really. I followed the writer’s maxim that when things look easy for the protagonist, make them harder. Raise the stakes. Quicken the pace.

In other words, mess up the whole second half of Book Three.

Which is what I am doing now. Deconstructing and reconstructing. See all those little slips of paper on the picture of my book timeline (yes, words on paper, because sometimes I have to actually “feel” the story)?  The ones with the dark blue dots…that’s new stuff. Argh!

Here’s the deal. I like the blue-dotted stuff better. I think I’m building a book that’s more solid, that says what I want it to say. Unlike the Janey II’s building materials, my house of words can come tumbling down without catastrophe. I can change the blueprints in mid-construction.

Will I be done with revisions before the Janey II officially opens? When pigs fly. And yet….  A winged pig perches at the edge of my writing desk, because you never know.

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