Today I offer a lesson in irony.

If you’re reading this post you likely know that Seven Stitches is the latest companion novel in the Blue Thread Saga. Ooligan Press has teamed up with Another Read Through for the official launch on February 16 at 7. This book pairs the past (16th century Istanbul) with the future (Portland, Oregon, in 2059).

How did I decide about what will have changed by 2059? That’s for another post. One aspect of 2059, though, is that Facebook is gone, gone, gone. Here’s a snip from the book:

Mr. Utopia was back to his regular banter a few minutes later, waxing nostalgic with Rose about cane sugar tasting better than the beet sugar we often used. As he inhaled fried tempeh, Rose told him about the sugar beet trains in Russia and about her mother’s recipe for borscht. Then, to my surprise, she told him about coming to the States.

“It was at the end of the hashtag era years ago,” she said. “People on the streets put the tips of their fingers together and smiled at each other. I asked Jessa what does this mean. She told me it’s a new gesture about privacy and one-to-one relationships, about not exposing yourself to one million of your closest friends.”

Rose looked happier than I’d seen her in weeks. Months. “I would confuse your phrase ‘give me the fingers’ and ‘give me the finger.’ You can imagine my embarrassment.”

Good-bye, Facebook. Hello…well, you’ll see in the book. The irony for me is that I now want you to go to my newly revised Ruth Tenzer Feldman Books page on Facebook. I want you to send me messages through that page and to leave comments on that page. My books now have a public life of their own on Facebook. Oh, and please follow me on Twitter (@ScrivaRuth).

Despite the appalling appearance of trolls and robotic tweets, and the dangerous trend toward false news and disinformation, the hashtag era is not over yet. It’s still 2017. “Like” me!

    • Ruth says:

      Oh, yes. I have a love-hate relationship with social media, especially these days. Thanks for the comment, Margaret.

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