Calvin Coolidge

Presidential Leaders Series

Calvin Coolidge was a popular Republican president who led the United States from 1923 to 1929. He believed in cutting taxes and reducing national debt. A quiet man, Coolidge seemed an unlikely commander in chief. He fell into the role when President Warren G. Harding—under whom Coolidge served as vice president—died of a heart attack. He then won his own full term in the election of 1924. In spite of his shyness, Coolidge was the first president to make wide use of the media. He held frequent press conferences and made the first radio broadcast to the American people from the White House. During his presidency, Coolidge suffered through the death of his teenage son. In 1927 he took everyone by surprise by announcing that he would not seek another term as president.

Reading level: Grade 7
For ages 11 and older
ISBN: 0-8225-1496-6

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