Don’t Whistle in School: The History of America's Public Schools

People's History Series

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to go to school where there was one teacher and one room? Or how it would feel to have an armed soldier escort you to your classes to that you would be safe? In this comprehensive look at the history of schooling and education in America, experience what going to school was like for children over the past four hundred years. From hornbooks and primers to textbooks and computers, discover the wide variety of tools and techniques developed to educate America’s children.

Reading Level: Grade 6
For ages 10-14
ISBN: 0-8225-1745-0

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A Few Reviews

“Expertly encapsulating the major movements since colonial times, Feldman covers the history of public education without wasting a syllable. . . .From dunce caps and Ichabod Crane to The Blackboard Jungle and Christa McAuliffe,  this captivating history is a skeletal time line with plenty of muscle.”

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