Just For Fun

Step right up and explore the lighter side of Blue Thread. Follow the links to these previous posts. And come back from time to time, as I add material to this page. You can add material, too. Just email me with your suggestions. Enjoy!


Copyedit Contest


Books from Way Back

Baloo (The Jungle Books)
The Steadfast Tin Soldier
The Lost World
Peter Pan
The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus


1912-hatMake a Suffrage Bow
Bathing Suits
Women’s Hats
Did She Wear Lipstick?

Bicycle Blouses



Peach Dessert and Peach Cobbler
Suffrage Cookbooks

Cucumber Sandwiches
Bubble and Squeak
The History of Sarsaparilla
A Twelve-Course Dinner from 1899
Grapenuts Broth