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The Ninth Day

Berkeley, California, 1964. While the Free Speech Movement rages, Hope, a shy, stuttering teen scarred by an accidental LSD trip, plans to keep a low profile. Risk compounds reticence when she meets a time-traveler who claims that Hope must find a way to stop a father from killing his newborn son in 11th century Paris.

Companion novel to award-winning Blue Thread.

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“The story is riveting… and, speaking as someone who was arrested in the Free Speech Movement, the Berkeley sections feel true and authentic.”

—Margot Adler, NPR correspondent

“Reading this book… [reveals] constellations rich with story, myth, and magic.”

—Jen Violi, author of Putting Makeup on Dead People

Ruth's Blog: The Interlace Place


Now for Addie Boswell, an extraordinarily gifted woman, whose creativity is too large to confine to the written page. Yes, she writes children’s books, and that’s how I’ve come to know her. But she is likely better known as a muralist.

“My business is telling stories,” she says on her website. “I believe in the power of story, the imagination of children, and the necessity of duct tape.” Addie invites us to “write, draw, color, paint, cut, paste, build, dance, stomp or otherwise express yourself, because creativity can change the world.”

With this in mind, I asked Addie:

How does writing fit with the rest of your life? I think the greatest thing about being a writer is you get to chase ideas around. So whatever catches your attention on a given day — your daughter picking dandelions, the conversation you overhear in the park, a strange dream, a book that makes you cry — can be filed and used in your stories. […]

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Nicole Marie Schreiber describes herself as a “word artist” from Portland, Oregon, and the phrase couldn’t be more apt. Nicole has an MFA in Writing for Children and Young Adults from the Vermont College of Fine Arts and writes picture books, fiction for children and adults, poetry, and plays. Other pursuits include spreading her love of the written word to all, performance art, dance, history, and travel. She has had two living history plays performed every year for the last nine years with the West Linn Historical Society; she’s written and produced numerous variety shows in the Portland area; and she’s written commissioned works for other performance artists. But wait, there’s more. Nicole has been published in the Powell’s Books Small Press Bestseller, Brave on the Page: Oregon Writers on Craft and the Creative Life, and she has worked as a newspaper copywriter and freelance editor.

And, speaking of Viva Scriva, here’s our Q&A. […]

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You’ll have to visit Elizabeth (Liz) Rusch’s website to see all the books and articles she’s written over the decades. It’s an amazing collection of fiction and nonfiction. I’ve livened up dinner parties and entertained grandchildren with info gleaned from Liz’s submissions to the Scrivas on, say, volcano formation, or Maria Mozart, or the ozone layer, to name a few of the very many topics. Two of my recent favorite Liz books are her graphic novel, Muddy Max, and her nonfiction book on harnessing energy from the ocean, The Next Wave. See what I mean? Liz’s topics are all over the place and she likes it that way. So do I. I’m often surprised by her next writing project, but I do know one thing for sure: if it’s written by Elizabeth Rusch, it’s star quality.

So, Liz, what brings you to writing? I am a writer because I’m interested in so much about the world and people. […]

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