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The Ninth Day

Berkeley, California, 1964. While the Free Speech Movement rages, Hope, a shy, stuttering teen scarred by an accidental LSD trip, plans to keep a low profile. Risk compounds reticence when she meets a time-traveler who claims that Hope must find a way to stop a father from killing his newborn son in 11th century Paris.

Companion novel to award-winning Blue Thread.

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“The story is riveting… and, speaking as someone who was arrested in the Free Speech Movement, the Berkeley sections feel true and authentic.”

—Margot Adler, NPR correspondent

“Reading this book… [reveals] constellations rich with story, myth, and magic.”

—Jen Violi, author of Putting Makeup on Dead People

Ruth's Blog: The Interlace Place


Welcome to another stop on the blog tour for the Sydney Taylor Book Awards, presented annually by the Association of Jewish Libraries. Pull up a chair and let’s hear from author Loïc Dauvallier, illustrator Marc Lizano, and colorist Greg Salsedo about Hidden: A Child’s Story of the Holocaust, the gold medal winner in the Older Readers category. Originally published in 2012 by Le Lombard in French as L’Enfant Cachée, the book was translated by Alexis Siegel and published in the U.S. in 2014 by First Second. Hidden is a graphic novel about a grandmother who shares her memories of 1942 Paris in a story she’s hidden for decades. It’s a recent collaboration between Loïc and Marc, whose previous projects include La Petite Famille, a story about grief and the relationship between grandparents and grandchildren, and Hugo et Cagoule, a humorous comic without words. This is their first collaboration with Greg. […]

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I wonder what’s going on beneath those huge tarps on the Janey II. Surely they are not there just to keep the construction dry. What else is happening?

As you know from the last post, I’ve wrapped up the first rough draft of Book Three, and given all 69,000 words to a book editing class at Portland State University.  Meanwhile, I’m doing four writerly projects:

critiquing submissions from the other Viva Scrivas;
honing my revising skills by reading Elizabeth George’s Write Away;
rereading my own draft of Book Three (yikes!); and
hosting a stop on the Sydney Taylor Book Awards blog tour which  is Feb. 8 – 13.

My blog  tour stop is February 10, when I’ll post an interview with the three young French guys whose children’s book took top honors in the older (child) readers category. Cyber-corresponding with three young French guys? What could be bad? See you on the 10th! […]

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Here we are in 2015. The sign for the Janey II apartments still boasts the official opening in Spring. Look at all the windows they’ve put in! The place is really shaping up, at least on the outside.

So, what’s happening with Book Three? A lot. I wrote like crazy in December, which is why this blog has been comatose for weeks and weeks. The first very rough draft is done. DONE! Now I rest my Book Three brain and get some distance from the manuscript, all the better to revise it later.

The best news is that while I’m taking a vacation from Book Three a bevy of bright and creative graduate students at Portland State University is not. Per Henningsgaard, the Director of Ooligan Press, will be using Book Three as the literary guinea pig for his class aptly titled Book Editing.

What a delight! Let’s do the math. […]

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