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The Ninth Day

Berkeley, California, 1964. While the Free Speech Movement rages, Hope, a shy, stuttering teen scarred by an accidental LSD trip, plans to keep a low profile. Risk compounds reticence when she meets a time-traveler who claims that Hope must find a way to stop a father from killing his newborn son in 11th century Paris.

Companion novel to award-winning Blue Thread.

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“The story is riveting… and, speaking as someone who was arrested in the Free Speech Movement, the Berkeley sections feel true and authentic.”

—Margot Adler, NPR correspondent

“Reading this book… [reveals] constellations rich with story, myth, and magic.”

—Jen Violi, author of Putting Makeup on Dead People

Ruth's Blog: The Interlace Place


The construction crew has been busy since early July, and so have I. Look at all these apartments-to-be in the Janey II. Their erector-set walls and ceilings will turn into living spaces for someone, real homes with a kitchen and bed and bathroom, and maybe a corgi curled up on a corduroy couch.

I’m building habitations, too, only not the physical kind. These last couple of weeks I’ve laid down the basics of four chapters in which Book Three characters talk and eat and tease and grieve. Like the Janey II apartments, these chapters of mine need a lot more labor before I’m satisfied that the characters in them are fully alive. I’ll have to add more emotion, more action, more color, more atmosphere. Then Viva Scriva will have a go at the chapters. By the time we’re done, there won’t be a corgi on the couch (no dogs are evoked in Book Three, at least not so far), but I can tell you that my characters will be moving about in a world as complete as I can make for them. […]

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Look! A new floor! The Janey II construction crew has covered up the foundation and basement areas and taken the building to a whole new level. Of course not everything is perfect below decks. There’s still lots to fill in. But it was time to move on.

My sentiments exactly! I’ve spent months laying the foundation for Book Three and drafted and revised the first main chunk of the story. There’s about 15,000 words on Portland in 2059. For two weeks our main character, who is eM Zarfati in this draft, languished in action limbo between leaving her house in Portland and landing 500 years earlier in Istanbul. Finally, she’s where she’s supposed to be in the story.

What was it like in Istanbul in 1559? I mean really. The history writer in me needs to get this part as accurate as possible, to balance off time travel and fictional characters. […]

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I must confess, I’ve slowed down the writing in the past couple of months. The Janey II construction crew is way ahead of Book Three. I have an excuse: a recently diagnosed mild and manageable blood cancer. It’ll take a while to get body and brain settled into living with a disease that, honestly, is less horrid than it might sound, but is getting a lot of my attention these days.

Meanwhile, as I go off to doctors and figure out what’s what, the Janey II crew keeps building. They remind me of the Stratemeyer Syndicate as they create the first floor and then the second floor and so on, in anonymity, or, rather, in the name of Lorentz Bruun Construction.

Edward Stratemeyer and his group of ghostwriters produced the Nancy Drew series, the Hardy Boys series, The Bobbsey Twins series, the Rover Boys series, the Tom Swift series, and others.  I’m not knocking all those writers plying their craft. […]

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