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The Ninth Day

Berkeley, California, 1964. While the Free Speech Movement rages, Hope, a shy, stuttering teen scarred by an accidental LSD trip, plans to keep a low profile. Risk compounds reticence when she meets a time-traveler who claims that Hope must find a way to stop a father from killing his newborn son in 11th century Paris.

Companion novel to award-winning Blue Thread.

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“The story is riveting… and, speaking as someone who was arrested in the Free Speech Movement, the Berkeley sections feel true and authentic.”

—Margot Adler, NPR correspondent

“Reading this book… [reveals] constellations rich with story, myth, and magic.”

—Jen Violi, author of Putting Makeup on Dead People

Ruth's Blog: The Interlace Place


You’ll have to visit Liz’s website to see all the books and articles she’s written over the decades. It’s an amazing collection of fiction and nonfiction. I’ve livened up dinner parties and entertained grandchildren with info gleaned from Liz’s submissions to the Scrivas on, say, volcano formation, or Maria Mozart, or the ozone layer, to name a few of the very many topics. Two of my recent favorite Liz books are her graphic novel, Muddy Max, and her nonfiction book on harnessing energy from the ocean, The Next Wave. See what I mean? Liz’s topics are all over the place and she likes it that way. So do I. I’m often surprised by her next writing project, but I do know one thing for sure: if it’s written by Elizabeth Rusch, it’s star quality.

So, Liz, what brings you to writing? I am a writer because I’m interested in so much about the world and people. […]

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If we Scrivas had an annual Most Productive Writer award, we’d give it to Amber this year, along with a well deserved trip to her favorite ski lodge or spa.

Amber is the author of the forthcoming Pointe, Claw (Carolrhoda Lab, 2017), a novel about two girls claiming their own personal power; The V-Word (Beyond Words, 2016), an anthology of personal essays by women about first-time sexual experiences; The Way Back from Broken (Carolrhoda Lab, 2015), a heart-wrenching novel of loss and survival; and Sneaker Century: A History of Athletic Shoes (Twenty-First Century Books, 2015). She is the co-author with Kiersi Burkhart of the middle grade series Quartz Creek Ranch (Darby Creek, 2017). And these are just her latest books.

At various times, Amber has been a newspaper deliverer, a cake cutter, a nanny, a ballet dancer, a counselor, a sign-maker, a costumer, a clerk, a biologist, a teacher, and now—a writer. […]

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While some of us Scrivas have been together since the critique group was formed, other writers have come and gone, or, as I’d like to think, are taking a long sabbatical. Sara is the newest among us and, as you can read in her Viva Scriva blog post, she didn’t take joining lightly.

What can I say about Sara? The short version is that she is a Portland (Oregon)-based writer who works as a librarian and who will be teaching a “Writing the Other: Comics and Graphic Novels” class on September 10. Her works for teen readers and others include the award-winning novels Empress of the World and Rules for Hearts, the graphic novel Bad Houses, and numerous mini-comics, as well as contributions to anthologies, the most recent of which appears in Amber J. Keyser’s The V-WordI first encountered Sara’s writing when I deconstructed the sibling relationship in Rules for Hearts during my revisions to The Ninth Day. […]

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